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About me

My name is Philippe Turgeon and I am a director, videographer and editor with several years of experience in the audiovisual industry. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work on many exciting projects that have shaped my career and my perception of seeing the market.

Since my debut, I have always had a great sense of leadership, which has allowed me to hold director and director positions for several television programs. I was involved in every step of the production, from design to production, including editing. This experience allowed me to develop a holistic vision of video creation.

My true passion lies in video production. I enjoy taking on challenges and exploring new creative avenues. Each project is an opportunity to push my own limits and bring innovative ideas to life. I firmly believe in the importance of capturing the essence of a brand or an individual through dynamic and engaging images.

What sets me apart is my proactivity. I don't just meet my clients' expectations, I strive to exceed them. I invest myself fully in each project, making sure that I understand the objectives and values of my clients.


I believe in the importance of accurately representing their brand image and creating videos that create lasting impact.

One of the reasons why I am passionate about my profession is my belief that video quality should be accessible to everyone. Every company or individual deserves the chance to benefit from a visual representation that lives up to their aspirations.

I believe in the value of successful collaborations and creating a positive impact through my videos.

My varied experience has allowed me to develop solid expertise in all aspects of video production. Whether shooting, editing or post-production, I have acquired a technical and artistic mastery that allows me to offer captivating and professional videos. I adapt easily to different genres and formats, working on documentaries, short films, commercials and corporate videos.

As a dedicated professional, I am resolutely focused on excellence. I combine my artistic passion with a deep understanding of my clients' needs, in order to create videos that exceed their expectations. My ultimate goal is to make the projects I undertake shine and deliver video quality that accurately represents my clients' brand image.

Thanks to my creative vision, my solid experience and my commitment to the satisfaction of my clients, I continue to stand out in the video production industry. I look forward to taking on new challenges, exploring new ideas, and creating videos that will have a meaningful impact.

Philippe Turgeon, réalisateur, vidéaste, monteur
Philippe Turgeon. Pilote de drône.
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